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Our Business Verticals

Following are the things that our company do for helping customers in establishing their business in the Indian markets:

  • Brand Development
  • Cultural Training & Seminars
  • Export Promotion Services
  • International Lead Generation
  • International Public Relations
  • New Product Launch
  • Overseas Marketing & Promotion
  • Representation Services
  • Trade Missions / In-Country Market Visits
  • Trade Show Support
  • Translation & Localization of Marketing Materials
  • Building a strong network of marketing and sales channels
  • Monitoring, managing and conducting the workflow within India
  • Site Analysis & SEZ Strategy
  • Suggesting & linking professional service providers of Taxation, Legal and Accountancy & Book keeping field.
  • Collecting information and conducting market researches/surveys

Diamonds & Jewelry

Jewelry and Diamonds are considered to be one of the best portable assets which directly compliments and correlate to the rise in Capital. Significantly it is understood by people that investing in diamonds is tough due to its high costs. There are many complexities engaged in assessing correct price of each diamond, storage and insurance of jewels  This is where we play our role, as we assist clients in making reliable relations with vendors who keep their prices of jewels comparatively low.

Commodities Trading

Since the ancient time, trading has been in existence so that an array of different commodities, livestock, spices, jewelry, seashells, and many more can be availed and offered. But it is important to assure the quality of product, delivery dates, methods of transportation, and many more. We are a company that assures upon trading authentic goods which are certainly of best quality.

Practice Areas

Below stated are some of the the areas where we practice our business:

  • Industry Practice Areas
    • Agriculture
    • C&D Waste Management
    • Commodities
    • Diamonds And Jewelry
    • Healthcare Systems & Services
    • Infrastructure
    • Oil & Gas
    • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
    • Smart Cities
    • Solar Power
    • Solid Waste Management (SWG)
    • Water Technologies
  • Functional Practice Areas
    • Business Brokerage
    • Business Technology
    • Corporate Development
    • Factories Planning And Setup
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Operations
    • Organization
    • Strategy
    • Sustainability & Resource Productivity

Global Alliances

Infrastructure Technologies: Our company focuses on bringing the best features in the construction industry and offer modern infrastructural technologies to India. We aim to innovate road materials, sanitation & water, Energy & Infrastructural projects so that we can contribute in enhancing the growth of our country along with quality of life, better health and safety of labors.

Waste Management: Managing waste is one of the major challenge faced by people throughout the world. Due to huge population, high rate of population growth, mega cities and many other factors, this problem is aggravated in India. For which we ally ourselves to reputed name of this industry and majorly help in management of waste.

Water Solutions: Nowadays, there is still a majority of population which doesn’t have the access to safe and clean drinking water. We mainly emphasize upon bringing latest technologies to the nation and help in solving water scarcity problem.

Smart City: Main focus of
Anything Private Limited, is to bring more technology systems which are occupied by a large areas such as Subsystems, streets, neighborhoods, building complex a part of smart cities and we aim to develop such smart cities for the overall growth of country's infrastructural sector.

Oil Industry: We, proudly present companies which are having a active market participation and supports more industries by internationally supplying and marketing of crude oil and other By-products. 

Smart Vending: ShelfX is an automated inventory management technology. This technology can be easily deployed in open access or secured fixtures which directly allows the customers to purchase any kind of item as per the desired quantity. No lines, no cashiers, no product scanning and no RFID stickers are needed when using this technology. ShelfX have revolutionized the way we looked at the vending machines.

Healthcare Systems & Services: We dedicate ourselves to provide better technology in healthcare systems and offer the nation a more effective and efficient array of equipments, machines and many more.

Agriculture Solutions: The main objective of our company is to adopt and design better agricultural solutions to meet the needs of customers. We lead the industry by delivering top class agricultural solutions to the customers which are not only effective but also efficient when it comes to cultivation. We offer healthy seeds which we procure from business partners. We also provide Green houses and agricultural consultancy services.

Homeland Security: In this sector, we essentially play our role and represent Israeli manufacturers by working as an integrator in security projects by providing innovative solutions for material detection, analyzing threats and training special forces.

Kosher Foods: The meaning of kosher as per stated by the historical books is said to be fit, such foods have been consumed since ages and are are prepared as per the dietary guidelines defined by many regulatory authorities of the world. So, we take complete pride in catering Kosher foods to our respected customers in various parts of the world.